What games give you nfts?

Axie Infinity is probably the most popular NFT game right now. Like other games listed here, this is a title that uses NFT to improve its gameplay. It's similar to games like Pokémon, you have to collect fantasy monsters that you can raise or trade. The game's monsters exist as NFTs.

You can sell them on the game market in addition to training or raising them. Although only available on Android, Axie Infinity is one of the most exclusive games that use NFT. Sorare is another of the top 5 NFT games currently running. It is a title that is based on fantastic football.

As with any fantastic soccer, you form a team based on your favorite players and receive rewards based on their performance in real life matches. The difference here is that your team is represented by NFTs instead of simply selecting them. This gives this one of the best NFT games a little different feel. As with Axie Infinity, this game also has a collection element in play.

You must collect and search for the cards for the players you want. Sorare has recreated the experience of collecting football cards, making it a unique game. Evolution Land stands out in this list of the best NFT games, as it has a slightly different approach. This game is more of a city builder, where you can buy land, build buildings and, in general, expand your space.

Each of the game's continents exists on a different blockchain. You'll also need to use units called apostles, which you'll have to collect to find unique units with expanded attributes. Evolution Land still has some collection items, but the game stands out among the number of Pokémon-style games that use NFTs. Gods Unchained is a fun entry to NFT games, as it comes from some developers with a history of creating popular games.

This title comes from some former directors of the Magic the Gathering series. There are a lot of different cards you can collect that are NFTs, similar to MtG. This one of the top 5 NFT games definitely stands out for its background and growth potential. According to its creation, Gods Unchained also has great potential as an e-sport.

Along with the appeal of NFT cards and a booming scene, we could be looking for the next e-sport to invest in. CryptoKitties is a pretty fun game that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It makes you collect several cats that you can breed for more. There are secondary tasks here, such as solving puzzles, that help you progress even further in the game.

This game is quite similar to some of the others here, with a Pokémon-style approach to the game's NFTs. It is probably considered the godfather of most NFT-based titles, due to its enormous appeal and the first introduction to the concept of unique digital asset trading systems and blockchains for the general public. The game has experienced a steady decline in popularity and appeal to players due to this increased attention. As the media frenzy raged around CryptoKitties and the innovative systems it implements, the attractiveness and overproduction of kittens ruined the market and made the game unattractive to many.

The Sandbox is a virtual-style metaverse in which you can play to earn money where you can own land, play or create your own game. You can take control of the huge virtual world as a collector, artist, game decision maker, or simply as a player who wanders around the metaverse and travels around the world from game to game. The sandbox is based on the Ethereum network and has its own cryptocurrency called Sand. Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a real-time multiplayer PvP NFT arena developed with Unreal Engine.

This is an advanced fighting game based on the Solana network in which players are constantly fighting to defeat other opponents and get more rewards. It allows users to benefit not only from the power of the blockchain, but also from its unparalleled graphics. Here, players can take part in fierce battles in various kingdoms in various areas of the vast world of sci-fi games. BOG is designed for PC players, but will eventually support cross-platform multiplayer on iOS and Android.

“Play to make money” games reward participants with digital money or non-fungible tokens. In recent years, these blockchain-backed games, also known as P2E, have become widespread and have become a core component of almost every metaverse that exists, and each platform has its own form of cryptocurrency to pay online players for their time commitment. Earning money that has real value while having fun is one of the main reasons why play-to-win games have become so popular. Creating NFTs that can be converted into a profitable asset is another.

These play-to-earn games offer different features, from the types of rewards you can earn with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, for example, to innovations in gameplay. This game of trading and fighting to win is based on “Axie” Ethereum-minted NFTs, which players can collect, raise, fight and exchange with other users online. There are many different types of Axies to choose from, and the customization possibilities are endless. When a player fights other users and wins, they earn Smooth Love Potion tokens that can be sold for Axie Infinity Shard tokens, which are the main utility tokens in the game.

However, Axie Infinity has a loyal international following. It boosted a digital economy based on crypto assets in Southeast Asia, specifically in the Philippines and Vietnam, before a cryptocurrency bear market took hold. Nobody knows what will happen next with Axie Infinity, but if you believe in the future of the game and its NFTs, this could be an opportunity to catch up. Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that allows players to build their own 3D world, buy land and develop it within the platform.

Once a player buys land, they can create whatever they want with it, from creating a standalone game to opening an online store open to the public. A player can also pay other users to keep their land safe while offline. To get started with Decentraland, the player must have an Ethereum wallet in order to buy and store the platform's MANA currency. Then, they can start participating in the platform.

Play to win games are a likely future of online gaming. There are countless options available today for the avid online gamer looking to capitalize on this trend and earn some digital money. By winning battles against enemies, players gain more SKILL, which they can withdraw, sell on the secondary market, or use to buy more game assets. In-game transactions refer to items or points that a player can purchase to be used in the virtual world to improve a character or improve the gaming experience.

Whether they're monster-fighting adventures or farm-building activities, all of these offerings are designed to make gaming a more enjoyable experience. With every new game released, BOG creates a fun and entertaining gaming metaverse experience with stunning graphics, unique NFTs, and numerous opportunities for real benefits. The in-game currency, the DPET, can be used to purchase items on the game's official website or to exchange NFTs. As in many card games, each card represents a character with unique traits and, depending on who you play and the cards you're dealt, you can win or not.

Considered one of the best games for earning money, Blankos Block Party allows users to earn NFTs while having fun and also allows them to exchange their coins for other cryptocurrencies through external exchanges. Being able to keep and exchange skins in-game is likely to be an important part of future games. And while it's fair to say that NFT games are in their infancy, what's clear so far is how items from NFT games can be sold and exchanged, allowing players to legitimately own virtual assets. Blankos Block Party is a multiplayer group platform where users can play mini-games and complete missions to get moola, or MLA, the game's currency.

Even so, it's best to remember that NFT games are dimensional, meaning that the profit potential is high, but it's never guaranteed. The type and scale of collectible content vary depending on the game and type, and it's mainly up to the players to decide which world best suits them. Like most multiplayer games, you can play with friends to complete missions, kill monsters, and unlock rewards. .


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